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OSH Solutions, Inc.
Cheryl Caballero, President of OSH Solutions Inc., is sincerely devoted to assisting employers and employees in the development of safe and healthful workplaces. With extensive multi-industry experience as an occupational safety health consultant, auditor and instructor; past Arizona OSHA "ADOSH" VPP Team Lead, Consultant-Trainer and Compliance Officer; Private sector Safety Director, Human Resources, Facilities and Procurement Manager for both large and small entities; and post-graduate studies in business and safety management, she has first-hand knowledge of the many challenges faced by employers today. It is her firm belief and repeated experience that it is not only possible to meet workplace EHS regulatory obligations without breaking the bank, but integral to an organization improving productivity, quality and profitability. Cheryl is passionate about personnel safety and happy to provide OS&H information, guidance, and solutions directed toward these goals, and she looks forward to discussing any questions, concerns, or ideas you may have toward improving safety in the workplace and maintaining a healthy productive workforce.
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