CII COURSES at Arizona State University

  • Personal Leadership Toolkit        

    This module, intended for individual contributors, team leaders, and mid-level managers, will present some of the most effective, evidence-based leadership development tools. Including running effective meetings, communication needs, project manager competencies, and others. 

  • Small Project Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI)                                 The PDRI-Small Project helps stakeholders plan, execute and assess smaller, less complex industrial projects. Industry is finding value in these new tools, as they are more focused and therefore allow project teams to more expediently assess their small projects. This interactive workshop will provide an overview of these tools in the context of small, less complex projects, and provide the participants an opportunity to use the tool. 

  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED) Maturity and Accuracy Total Rating System (MATRS)                                                                                        Front End Engineering Design (FEED) Maturity and Accuracy Total Rating System (MATRS) tool, a resource to help stakeholders of large industrial projects assess both the maturity and accuracy of FEED deliverables during the front end planning (FEP) process. Together, maturity and accuracy can result in 24% cost performance and 12% change performance improvements for a project. This interactive workshop provides an overview and practice of this new tool that builds on the PDRI. 
  • Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) Facilitation Certification                Learn how to implement the tool that has revolutionized front end planning and improved performance on virtually all operational characteristics of major construction projects, large and small.  These tools proactively prevent missteps and mistakes, and dramatically raises the likelihood of project success. They help to critically assess and appraise the project early enough to address the gaps identified in the assessment session. The class is the first step in becoming a Certified PDRI Facilitator.  

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