New On-Line Card Request Portal at ASU

02 Jul 2013 8:25 AM | Jim Rogers

Tempe, AZ - The Western OSHA Education Center at Arizona State University, an authorized OSHA Training Institute Education Center, is excited to announce the immediate availability of its on-line card request portal for use by all Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainers who are attached to ASU. Beginning immediately, all card requests will be processed on-line through this web based portal. This means trainers who are authorized through ASU will be able to log in any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to submit their completion documents for 10 and 30 hour outreach courses and request course completion cards.


All cards will be preprinted by the Education Center and completed cards will be sent to the trainer. Trainers will not have to worry about printing the cards any more! In addition, when the Education Center processes the cards, the card numbers will be added to the on-line records and stored in the trainers on-line account. This new system will greatly reduce the possibility of errors due to misreading handwritten documents and retyping attendees names. Once the trainer enters the course information and attendees names on-line, the Western OSHA Education Center reviews the information, assigns the card numbers, and prints and mails the cards to the trainer. The trainer can log back in at any time to view completed course information and print a hard copy of the information, including names and assigned card numbers, for their records. This will greatly reduce the record keeping burden for the Trainers.


The on-line card request portal is for use by all Trainers authorized through the Western OSHA Education Center at ASU and the service, including the preprinted cards and the on-line records storage, is being made available at the same mandated rate of $5 per card implemented by OSHA in 2012. There are no additional charges to the trainer for these services.


Trainers who recently completed their OSHA Trainer Update Courses at ASU were trained on the system and can begin using it immediately. In addition, all Trainers have access to ASU's on-line notification system, that allows them to log in at and submit advanced notification of training to the Education Center at any time with minimal effort. For more information, email To view a schedule of trainer courses that will allow you to become authorized through ASU, click here to view our calendar.

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