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Small Project Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI)


Twenty years after launching the successful PDRI-Industrial Projects tool, a complementary tool, the PDRI-Small Industrial Projects was developed in 2015 to help stakeholders plan and execute their smaller, less complex industrial projects; those with total installed cost less than $10M and comprising construction durations of 3 to 6 months. Similarly, following the success of the PDRI-Infrastructure Projects tool, CII developed a PDRI-Small Infrastructure Projects tool in 2016 for infrastructure projects costing less than $20 million and having a construction duration of 6-12 months. These new tools are designed to help stakeholders assess their small projects in 60-90 minutes while delivering similar results as PDRI-Industrial and PDRI-Infrastructure tools (improved cost and schedule performance for projects scoring below 300). Industry is finding value in these new tools, as they are more focused and therefore allow project teams to more expediently assess their small projects. The PDRI-Small Industrial Projects consists of 41 elements that are strongly correlated with project performance. Projects scoring below the 300-point target score can achieve 16% better cost performance and 15% better schedule performance than projects with PDRI-Small Industrial Projects scores over 300. Similarly, PDRI-Small Infrastructure includes 40 elements and projects scoring below the 300-point target score achieve 21% better cost performance than projects with a PDRI-Small Infrastructure score over 300. PDRI-Small Industrial has been tested on more than $150 million of completed small industrial projects and PDRI-Small Infrastructure has been tested on more than $500 million of completed small infrastructure projects. This workshop will provide an overview of these new tools in the context of small, less complex projects, and provide the participants an opportunity to use the tool in interactive workshops. 

Instructor: Kristen Parrish, Edd Gibson

This course is delivered in person using a combination of lectures, audio/visual presentations, group workshops, and hands-on demonstrations. 

Participants will receive Continuing Education Credit - .4 CEU's

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