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Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
Maturity and Accuracy Total Rating 
System (MATRS)


The new Front End Engineering Design (FEED) Maturity and Accuracy Total Rating System (MATRS) tool, pronounced “feed matters!” is a resource to help stakeholders of large industrial projects assess both the maturity and accuracy of FEED deliverables during the front end planning (FEP) process. FEED MATRS builds on the same PDRI-Industrial projects platform and takes it to the next level in two ways: first, the maturity component provides detailed description for every definition level of every PDRI element to improve consistency in the scoring. Industry is finding this added detail extremely valuable to their PDRI evaluations. Second, the accuracy component is a brand new dimension added to typical project assessments to evaluate enabling or external factors associated with FEED processes, such as team experience and resources provided to the team. It consists of 27 accuracy factors that are strongly correlated with project performance. Together, maturity and accuracy can result in 24% cost performance and 12% change performance improvements for a project. FEED MATRS has been tested on more than $15 billion of recent and ongoing large industrial projects. This workshop will provide an overview of this new tool, and provide the participants an opportunity to practice with the tool in interactive workshops. 

Instructor: Mounir El Asmar, Edd Gibson

This course is delivered in person using a combination of lectures, audio/visual presentations, group workshops, and hands-on demonstrations. 

Participants will receive Continuing Education Credit - .4 CEU's

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