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10 Dec 2018 8:00 AM • ASU Tempe Campus - 660 S. College Ave Tempe, AZ 85287







OSHA 502 Update Course for Construction Industry Outreach Trainers


This course is designed for personnel who have completed the OSHA 500 Trainer Course in Occupational Safety and Health Standards for the Construction Industry and who are active trainers in the outreach program. It provides an update on such topics as OSHA construction standards, policies, and regulations. To stay current on relevant OSHA matters, Outreach trainers are required to attend this trainer update course every 4 years.  The OSHA 500 Trainer Course may also be retaken to maintain a trainer’s authorized status.  If a trainer’s authorization status has expired, the trainer has a 90-day grace period after their expiration date to take this update course.  The 90-day grace period is designed to allow for unexpected circumstances like course cancellations, illness, and other unavoidable obligations such as jury duty.  During the grace period, the trainer will be unable to conduct Outreach training and receive student course completion cards.  After the grace period, a trainer’s authorization status may only be reinstated by retaking the OSHA 500 trainer course.  If a trainer’s authorization has expired, they will be unable to conduct Outreach training and receive student course completion cards. Download the current program policy manual for exemptions for military service members and additional rules and regulations.


In order to register for this course, you must send proof of your current status as an Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer in Construction Industry (current or expired less than 90 days). You can email this documentation to oti.asu@asu.edu, or fax it to (480) 965-8172, along with a request to enroll in an upcoming OSHA 502 course. Once we have verified that the prerequisites have been met, we will send you a registration code that will allow you to proceed with the on-line registration process.

Additional Information:

  • Prerequisites - Proof of current status as an Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer for Construction Industry
  • Books Required - All required manuals are included in course enrollment fee and distributed on the first day of the course including a printed copy of the 29CFR1926 Construction Industry Standards and current copies of the OSHA Outreach Program Manuals
  • Continuing Education Credit - 1.8 CEU's
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