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In partnership with ADOSH and Arizona Chapter National Safety Council take a variety of classes in Construction or General Industry. #MESHAZ

Earn your entry level certificate as a Specialist in Safety and Health (SSH) in as little as 6 months. Choose a specialization in Construction, General Industry, Healthcare or Occupational Safety.

Need a slightly more advanced credential? Earn your certificate as a Safety and Health Official (CSHO) in as little as 12 months. Choose a specialization in Construction, General Industry or Healthcare.

Public Entity Safety & Health Certificate

Do you work for a Town, County, City, or other public entity? This certificate is self paced and can be earned in as little as 9 months. 

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Are there any experience requirements to fulfill in order to earn my Safety & Health Professional designation?

  • NO - For the SSH and CSHO Certificates the applicants need only complete the required courses to apply for the certificate.  
Do I have to take the courses in any particular order?
  • NO - courses are listed in OSHA numbered order first, and then any specialty courses after, but you are free to take them as needed to fit your schedule
Does earning a Professional Certificate mean that I can teach OSHA 10 and 30 Hour courses and issue cards?
  • NO - 10 and 30 Hour OSHA Outreach courses are delivered by Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainers that meet the experience requirements and complete the required courses. You may also become an Authorized Outreach Trainer without completing any certificate program. Click here if you want more information on becoming an Outreach Trainer.
Will you accept courses that I have already completed at another OSHA Education Center?
  • YES - In general, OSHA numbered courses taken at any OSHA Training Institute Education Center can be applied toward your Professional Certificate at ASU. We do require that for any certificate granted by the OSHA Education Center at ASU you must complete at least half of the required classes at our Education Center. All courses must be completed within seven (7) years. 50% of the courses should be competed at Arizona State University OSHA Education Center. 

Can courses taken to earn the Safety and Health Fundamentals certificate be applied to this certificate?

  • YES - All of the required courses and many of the elective courses in the Public Sector program match the courses required in these professional certificate programs.

I already have a degree and I am employed. Will a Professional Certificate from ASU benefit me?

  • YES - Certificate programs offer concentrated study in areas directly applicable to many jobs and can add depth to existing knowledge and skills. Completion of a certificate program can help you advance in your existing career or make the transition to a new career.
 Do I have to apply separately for each certificate?
  • YES - if you want to be awarded with a certificate at each level of advancement as you seek a higher credential, you will need to submit the application form and payment for each program level.
 When do I apply for the certificate? 
  • Once you have completed all of the coursework for the certificate program you are working on. Application and course completion certificates should be sent in together. Payments can be included with the application or can be made online. 
 Can I pay for my certificate program online?
  • YES - similar to our class registration, you can pay for your cards on the osha.asu.edu website. Please note, the system requires a date to be input, so we selected a future date - certificate programs can be completed at any time.

Become a Safety and Health Professional


Why should I work towards one of the Certificate Programs?

  • Provide a solid foundation with up to date, real-life information that can immediately be applied to your workplace. 
  • Keep you informed of the many OSHA requirements and regulations. 
  • Offer the ability to network with other safety professionals 
  • Provide justification for advancement, promotion, and 
  • Give opportunities for new jobs or careers


NIOSH predicts that the national demand for occupational safety and health services will far exceed the number of professionals with the necessary training, education, and experience to provide them. The OSHA Education Center at ASU's Safety and Health Professional Certificate Programs are designed for individuals with safety responsibilities who wish to improve their practical knowledge while earning a valuable credential.

Earning a certificate requires no specific educational background nor previous training. It's simple, flexible and designed for working professionals and non-degree seeking adults who are looking for continuing education offerings to meet their professional and personal growth goals. The certificates are meant to help you provide a foundational knowledge of safety in all industries.  

Safety & Health Fundamentals Certificate Program 

OSHA's Safety and Health Fundamentals Certificate program support's OSHA's mission by training public and private sector employees in occupational safety and health to reduce incident rates for workers. Participants have the opportunity to earn certificates for Construction, Maritime, and General Industry training.  

Participants can choose from a variety of topics such as occupational safety and health standards, safety and health management, incident investigation, fall hazard awareness, and recordkeeping.

Looking for even more?

Check out our accredited degree programs in Construction Management at http://construction.asu.edu.

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