Safety & Health Fundamentals Certficate

The certificate program in Public Sector Safety & Health Fundamentals supports OSHA’s mission by training public sector employees in occupational safety and health to reduce incident rates for workers in state and local governments. Participants have the opportunity to earn certificates for Construction and General Industry training.


Participants can choose from a variety of topics such as occupational safety and health standards for the construction or general industry, safety and health management, accident investigation, fall hazard awareness, and recordkeeping. Courses are available through the OSHA Education Center at Arizona State University, and at OSHA Training Institute (OTI) Education Centers nationwide.


  1. Review program requirements to determine the appropriate certificate and requirements (see Requirements section on this page)
  2. Find and register for courses
  3. Upon completion of required courses, contact us to request an application form, or download one of the forms below:
    1. Construction Industry Application
    2. General Industry Application
  4. Submit the completed form, supporting documentation and application fee of $95.00 to the OSHA Education Center at Arizona State University, Email preferred or mailed to 660 S. College Ave Suite 325, Tempe, AZ 85287-3005
  5. Payment may be made online:       

     1. Construction Industry Payment

  •      2. General Industry Payment



      All courses required to complete this certificate program are OSHA numbered courses available through our Education Center. To be awarded a certificate, students must successfully complete a minimum of seven courses, comprised of a minimum of 68 contact hours. Courses are transferable and may be completed at any OTI Education Center. For additional information, please see the FAQs on the web site, or contact us with questions.

      You may count courses taken prior to creation of this certificate. You must take at least two (2) of the courses (elective or mandatory) at the OSHA Education Center at ASU in order to apply for this certificate through us.


      Have you already taken most of the required courses? Just one course short? Contact us and let us know what course you need. 



      The requirements for the Public Sector Fundamentals Certificate Program are established by OSHA. Participants must complete required and elective courses and can then submit a completed application with all course completion documents to the OSHA Education Center at ASU for review. We will review each submission for compliance. Upon successful review, we will send you the Public Sector Fundamentals Certificate from the U.S. Department of Labor, OSHA. Use the links below to obtain more detailed information.



      • How does this program work?
        • Courses are taken at an OTI Education Center like ours; Applicants apply through the OSHA Education Center at ASU;  a certificate is issued by OSHA - you do not have to be a public employee to apply.
      • Can courses used to earn this certificate also be applied towards additional certificates offered at ASU?
        • Yes - Each certificate requires a separate application, but once a course is completed you can use it to apply for any of our certificate programs.

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